Type 2

Type 2, 2017

Photography by Zinzi Minott
Photography by Zinzi Minott

Type 2 (2017) was commissioned as part of Serpentine’s Radical Kitchen: Recipes for Building Community and Creating Change programme curated by Amal Khalaf launched in 2017 in the Serpentine Pavilion, designed by Frida Escobedo.

Type 2 addresses the legacy of sugar, histories of slavery and colonialism. Minott led a workshop with participants, where they attempted to make sugar from sugar cane. The process invoked rhythm and repetition; inadvertently exploring the traumatic connotations linked to The Atlantic Slave Trade and activity of making sugar.

Whilst the work continues to develop, Radical Kitchen provided an important pit-stop for the process resulting in sculpture,discussion and a soundscore as outcomes. Minott will continue to develop this work — it provides an opportunity for her to explore tangible outcomes within her practice.