Gun Fingers + Opaque Bullets

Gun Fingers + Opaque Bullets, 2017

Zinzi Minott’s Gun Fingers and Opaque Bullets (2017) was commissioned to open “Opaque Poetics”, the eighth edition of Wysing’s annual music festival, in 2017, which was curated by DJ and producer Nkisi. A soundtrack (also from Nkisi) blends the evocative synths of classic jungle with the brittle percussion of contemporary club sounds and accompanies abstract imagery of the sea, telephone wires and a dancing figure. Presented with posters from the festival, the video suggests the emancipatory potential of music and dance and their role in fostering temporary communities of resistance. The film was screened again a Guest Projects’ 10 Year Anniversary in 2018.


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Wysing Arts Centre, 2018, more of an avalanche exhibition
Wysing Arts Centre Music Festival, 2017, Opaque Poetics