Image Credit: Rohan Ayinde

Zinzi Minott’s work focuses on the relationship between dance, bodies and politics. Zinzi  explores how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class. She is specifically interested in the place of Black women’s body within the form. 

As a dancer and filmmaker, she seeks to complicate the boundaries of dance seeing her live performance, filmic explorations and objects a different, but connected manifestations of dance and body based outcomes and enquiry.

Zinzi  is interested in ideas of broken narrative, disturbed lineage, and how the use of the glitch can help us to consider notions of racism one experiences through the span of a Black life. She is specifically interested in telling Caribbean stories and highlighting the histories of those enslaved and the resulting migration of the Windrush Generation.

Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances

Baltic and Siobhan Davis Dance -Continuous 2020- Solo show Black on Black- 2021
Fi Dem III Commission Spike Island, Berwick Film and Media Festival and Transmissions 2020
One Lyrical Bitch Solo show, Baltic 2019
Somerset House 2019
Oxford University, Black Queer Performance 2019
Tate, Talking Neighbors 2019
Solo show Kunsthall, Stavanger 2019
Un/Engendering DAS Graduate School 2019
In*possible bodies #2, Mousonturm, 2019
National Theatre Scotland 2019
Idea of North, Baltic 2019
Vulva Club Ausland 2019
Talk- V&A Late 2018
Talk-Daata 2018
Thinking Queer Marlborough Theatre 2018
Type 2 2018-Radical Kitchen, Serpentine
Gun Fingers + Opaque 2018 bullets Guest Projects 10 Year Anniversary Show
Movement for Queers- Tate Queer and Now 2018

Thicker Black lines 2017
Soul of a Nation 2017
Tate Early Years 2017
Opaque Poetics Wysing 2017
Wysing Polyphonic 2017
The Other’d Artist, Trasmission 2017What Kind of Slave Would I Be: WKOSWIB (2017)
Type 2 (2017)
Nowse Bwoy and Aunty…the saving of a life. (2017)
The Rebel Man Standard (2017)
30 Skanks (2017)
Gift to My Little Brother (2015)
Flat White (2014)


Artist-in-residence, Camden Arts Centre 2019
Artist-in-residence, Serpentine Gallery – 2018
Artist-in-residence, Tate Schools and Learning – 2016/17
A One Year Residency at both Tate Modern and Britain investigating my practice, teaching and producing work
Artist-in-residence, Rich Mix – 2016/17
Residency with an Outcome Performed in April 2017
Artist-in-residence, British Library – 2016/17
Residency Within the African Collection at British Library Artist-in-residence, Dance Research Space – 2016/17
Residency as Part of What Kind of Slave Would I Be? WKOSWIB?


Jerwood Arts Live Action Fund, 2021
Adrian Howell’s Award 2020
Continuous, 2019
Diverse Action bursary, 2019
OneDance UK Trailblazer AWard, 2017
ImpulzTanz Dance Web
Grants for the Arts 2016
Grants for the Arts 2015