The unruly body

The unruly body


Minimum: 1 hour Maximum: 5 hours


Negotiable depending on time.


Maximum 20

The workshop is open to anyone, with various access needs, movement is led by the individual, so it is possible for participants to work within their own ability and requirements.

Those who would potentially benefit from the workshops are those interested in dance, movement, and thinking through identity in those ways. Those who are living a Black, POC and or Queer experience are likely to find resonance with the workshop specifically as these are the origins of the thinking behind the workshop.


Ideally this is a dance ready space. This means a sprung floor.


PA system with Aux connection and control over volume, Bass, mids and subs This needs to be placed by laptop which Zinzi controls

Projector with an old mac connection.
Ideally the space with control over lights, which can be blacked out. A mic to be used by Zinzi

Photography and documentation

The workshop is designed to allow those who participate free from feeling watched which makes documentation problematic and should be avoided.

This workshop is for those bodies that cannot be ruled, are tired of being ruled, exhausted by being rule or not fitting into the rules.

Born out of Minott’s own experiences of living with, in and through an unruly body both within and outside the dance world you will spend time exploring notions of bodily unruliness.