Fi Dem ⅠⅠ

Fi Dem ⅠⅠ, 2019

Saturday 22nd June 2019 sees the release of Fi Dem II the second work in the durational work Fi em began in 2018, as a commitment to the Windrush generation, and a continued investigation of Blackness, diaspora and the heritage of her family. This June 22nd is the first National Windrush Day, a public holiday created by the government after many years of campaigning by the Black Caribbean migrant community and an extension of the wider reparations movement in the UK. A potential pacifier in the face of The Windrush Scandal no doubt. Minott reflects on this national holiday which sits in the middle of PRIDE month and seems to get lost amongst its longer established contemporary. What does this mean for those like her? Black British first and second generation children and grandchildren of Windrush migrants who are LGBTQI+? This work also looks at labour, who’s labour is it to remember this day? More specifically, the work of her maternal Grandmother Doreen Haynes a Nurse of 52 years.


SQUIFF, 2019, United Kingdom presented by LUX Scotland
Third Horizon Film Festival, 2020, UK


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